Painting for me is a means of creating, of experimenting and exploring different media to achieve fascinating results.

Since I first delved into the world of art nearly 30 years ago with a watercolour class in the US, I have evolved as an artist. I have drawn on the experiences of many wonderful artists/teachers through the years, who have helped me to gain skills and techniques. I use those valuable lessons to to create whatever my mind has in store for me. Art to me is an excitement, a restlessness and a need to keep meeting new challenges.

Lately I have been dividing my time between England, India and the U.S. – all countries where I have lived at some point or another in my life. My art has been influenced by this path that I have followed, making it a blend of the East and the West, a reflection of the journey of my existence both physical and spiritual.

Spirituality is the key element of my works, because I believe that each and everyone of us can search for the ultimate level of consciousness, the hidden psyche, the perfect spirit or state of bliss. Life gives us the opportunity to experience joys and sorrows in equal measures, and something has to sustain us through it all, but eventually the soul will emerge, refined by struggle and suffering.

My works aim to awaken the finer emotions in a spectator, emotions that we cannot put into words. Art and spirituality, as Wassily Kandinsky exposed many years ago, go hand in hand.

As an environmentally conscious human being, I try to incorporate found objects into my work, making them rich with texture, and meaningful with emotions and memories. Eclectic as they may seem, they all come together in using what lies around me, what isn’t discarded… I want to protect, rescue and revive.

Currently I am pursuing a degree in art from the Open College of the Arts in the UK and working on my 7th course, which includes a lot of research. I learn from many abstract painters – Joan Snyder, Robert Rauschenberg and Bruce Conner – to name a few.